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like a Ninja
6 steps to having energy to meet your child's complex needs, without burnout, while being effective and efficient at work.
  •  Be a peak performance professional, even during chaotic seasons in your child's life
  •  problem-solve your child's development struggles without overwhelm and exhaustion: 
  •  develop fast and effective replenishing strategies
  •  maintain energizing and satisfying progressional movement
  •  create a holistic strategy that gets professional results without neglecting your child
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This comprehensive report is part of Faith's New Normal training curriculum for autism caregivers. It details a 4 step process for understanding and defusing some of the challenging and possibly harmful behaviors that your child on the autism spectrum may display. It provides many examples and suggests strategies (value $97).
Ninja Parents like you must deliberately create the energy they need to engage with their lives. This simple assessment helps you to understand the specific areas that contribute to low energy and plug the energy leaks (value $97).
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