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like a Ninja
6 steps to having energy to meet your child's complex needs, without burnout, while being effective and efficient at work.
  • Be a peak performance professional, even during chaotic seasons in your child's life
  •  problem-solve your child's development struggles without overwhelm and exhaustion: 
  • develop fast and effective replenishing strategies
  • maintain energizing and satisfying progressional movement
  • create a holistic strategy that gets professional results without neglecting your child
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A gentle, doable, clear strategy...
Practical exercises...
Relatable stories...
"I kept reading Faith Clarke’s Parenting Like a Ninja and kept asking,” Where was this book when I was starting my journey as an autism mom?’.  What this book offers is a clear strategy for balancing parenting and career ambitions but in a gentle, doable and very humane way. There is something in this book for the beginner mom as well as those like me who have been soldiering on for many years ."
– Sylvia Gilfillian, author of The Road
"This book is a message of hope and intentionality, with practical exercises on how to achieve despite the circumstances. It’s a guide book on how to cultivate mindset for success. To all the archetype warrior ninja’s who fight to give the members of their family the best of themselves, stop, read, rest, and reset."
– Michael Soto MA, LMHC, Defining Moments Counseling and Education Center
"My son is not on the spectrum so I wasn't sure this book would be helpful to me. Parenting Like a Ninja was an unexpected delight! I loved the rhythm of the book! I found the stories relatable and the suggestions practical and actionable. I read the entire book in on sitting and I'm now going back to redo some of the activities, like noticing energy parasites and doing a personal SWOT. An amazing resource for any mom trying to jumpstart her career, or just get more energy."
- VAA, educator and OD professional, mom of 1, 6 y.o.
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